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Social Networking with Mobile App is “Beyond Trend”

Social Networking is for those who like to meet people, share information, discuss on interested topics, and build friendship or professional alliances and so on. Earlier, social networking use to take place at workplaces, events, forums etc. Then, there was a paradigm shift where people went across geographies, culture, languages to make friends, relationships using Websites. And sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace etc helped people do that online networking possible and spread the buzz.

But does it  end there? Answer is NO. People are crazy about innovation & always like things to be done easily and fast and at the same time handy and affordable. So what does that mean, just to send a message or upload image or connect to someone, they need to be on their computer/laptop? Answer is NO. Go Mobile! Take Web to Mobile. Almost every big player in this social networking arena have or has plans to come up with their iPhone, Android and BlackBerry versions (depending upon geographies and mobile user base) to help their users manage stuff, while on the Go.

So, is this the latest trend today to be followed to be in the GAME? Answer is NO. But, it helps in many ways.

  • Quick & Convenient: It enables users to interact quickly on the Go.
  • Maximize User Base: It indirectly helps to increase user base as many people prefer to use smart phones or featured phones more actively than laptops/computers. Also, it removes that limitation i.e. need of computers/laptops to get connected and offer an additional option for registered users to manage things i.e. using mobiles.
  • More preferences: Mobile app can use it native GPS capabilities to let find out, if anyone you know happens to be nearby and want to message or meet them. It’s basically called Location Based Social Networking.
  • Value Added Services: Using Location Based Social Networking concept, it opens a channel to offer value added services in terms of showing nearby restaurants, hotels, parks etc.
  • Attract New Users: Text message invitations to your mobile contacts will encourage them to join this online community.
  • Mobile Advertising: By pushing relevant Ads based on user’s interests, it helps to generate revenues based on CPC or CPM models.

As per recent comScore reports (June 2, 2010), it says that “Social networking is by far the fastest-growing mobile activity right now. With 20 percent of mobile users now accessing social networking sites via their phone, we expect to see both application and browser usage continuing to drive future consumption of social media.” (Source: comScore)

ABI Research estimates that by 2013, the global revenues from Location based mobile social networking would be $3.3 billion. (Source: ABI Research)

What above reports suggests is quite clear — Every Social Networking firms have to Tap & Grab on these opportunities NOW!

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Enjoy Social Networking with Mobiles!

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