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QA to QE


Why You’ll Need QE for Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has steadily climbed up the priority list in business terms until it is now a C-suite imperative. What’s a little less well known is that organizations struggle to gain the desired results, despite this high-level focus from within the business. Did you know that as many as 66% to 84% of digital transformation initiatives fail? So claims a 2016...

How Job Roles Change with QE

In Quality Engineering, job roles change.   It is inevitable.   And although change can be scary, there are a lot of positives about having a QE role, versus an old-style QA role.   Here are...

How Quality Engineering will Change your Organization

First of all, let's be clear what Quality Engineering is.   Quality Engineering (QE) is the process by which software quality is tested, analyzed and improved throughout the application...