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A Short Message of Thanks…

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. It’s such a special time of year. Over and above the festivities many of us look forward to, Thanksgiving is a time when we can breathe a little, think and take stock.

Thinking back on this year, the world feels like such a different place from where we were twelve months ago. This is true in all sorts of ways. I’m not just talking geo-politically. Technology has also made significant strides and there is a continuum of evolution in almost every tech category. When I look at our area of specialty, application development and delivery it’s clear that the landscape here is changing all the time. Keeping up with and helping shape the future of software development and testing is a full-time job in itself. Now, more than ever we’ve got to harness that expertise to tackle some of the fundamental game-changers that are starting their upwards curve, like the Internet of Things, virtual reality and AI. They will take 2017 by storm and we look forward to supporting them.

Right now though, let’s take an opportunity to reflect and be thankful for what we have. On behalf of all of us at Infostretch – thank you. Wherever you’re based in the world. Thank you for working with us, whether as a customer, partner or colleague. In fact, if you’re reading this and you don’t fit into those categories, still thank you for engaging with us here.

We value your engagement. We value the time you give to us. And we value your confidence in us.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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