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October 2017


Putting Enterprise Data to Work: Infostretch Data Engineering Services

Data is the foundation for digital transformation, and data is what powers every sort of digital initiative. At times over-hyped, almost always under-used, data has steadily grown in importance. The well-worn phrase “Data is the new oil” sums up the shift in how we perceive it. Just as oil transformed economies last century, so data is now transforming established sectors...

Test Automation for AEM Applications: A Primer

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has amassed a loyal following and it is easy to see why. AEM enables web and mobile applications to be built in a way that is quick, easy and repeatable. Using the AEM...

The Secret to Success in AR: Customer Focus

Augmented reality (AR) is about to hit the mainstream. Gamers would probably argue it’s already huge, but I’m talking about AR breaking out of gaming and into any number of other industries, all...