Accelerating Digital Initiatives

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August 2017


Power to YOUR People! DevOps Transformation from the Inside Out

When it comes to choosing a development partner for your digital initiative, there is a lot of advice available out there. What are the big factors to consider? How should you compare the array of different options? In fact, we wrote our own blog on the topic a little while ago, “How do You Make Sense of the Spectrum of App Dev Options?” However, less attention is paid...

Let’s Talk JIRA data for Predictive Quality Analytics at CAST 2017

This year’s Conference of the Association for Software Testing CAST is literally around the corner and we cannot wait. Bags packed, conference agendas at the ready, we are good to go. CAST holds...

Why You’ll Need QE for Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has steadily climbed up the priority list in business terms until it is now a C-suite imperative. What’s a little less well known is that organizations struggle to gain the...