Accelerating Digital Initiatives

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July 2017


Customer Feedback is Gold: Improve Customer Centricity for Better Digital Transformation

“A customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it’s black.” – Henry Ford, 1909 Responding to customer needs is what business has always been about. While it’s been relatively easy to adapt advertising and marketing activities to be more customer focused, the gains have been slower in other areas of business. Legacy systems – and legacy...

Digital is Never Done…?

As recently discussed in this blog, digital transformation is a journey more than a destination. It’s true that you are never really ‘done’ with the evolution to digital maturity, because the...

Digital is Driving Transformation in the Financial Sector

Digital transformation is permeating every area of the banking and financial sector globally. Online and mobile sales are projected to make up 40 percent of overall sales in the sector by 2018...