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February 2017


Quality Engineering: Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Quality Engineering is an approach to software development and testing that’s getting a great deal of attention. It refers to a system of quality control embedded into the development process, rather than tacked on at the end, in contrast to its predecessor Quality Assurance.  With QE, emphasis is placed on test automation and the ability to successfully deliver...

IoT Testing From The Ground Up – Why “Ground Truth” Matters

  To launch, or not to launch? Anyone working in IoT product development will face the dilemma at some point. Imagine this typical scenario — After years of hard work, your product is finally...

QE: How to Align People, Processes and Tools

What is Quality Engineering, or QE? To some, QE sounds a lot like QA. In fact, it is loosely related to QA, but it’s also a whole lot more. If you’re considering how to make the transition from...