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10 steps for marketing your mobile apps

There are millions of applications in the app stores today and the rate at which this number is growing is overwhelming. Marketing your apps and reaching out to potential customers is increasingly becoming difficult. So, how do you market your apps in the current scenario? Following is a list of some basic tasks that I believe you should care about if you want to people to see and download your apps:

1. Build a great app 🙂 — Having a rich yet simple GUI is important. Choose a unique name
2. Get the price right– Gather data on similar apps, analyze their target market, prices and downloads
3. Research and implement keywords — Use keywords that are most intuitive for people searching for an application like yours.
4. Optimize the description– mention the main features and benefits. Using 2-3 bullet points might be a good idea. Provide translation of description in multiple languages.
5. Release a free version and get as many reviews as possible using social media, If you can afford it, do a press release
6. Publish a demo of the application to youtube and get reviews
7. Translate the app in multiple languages: Reach out to newer markets
8. Port your app to all major platforms
9. Test your application on as many handsets and careers as possible- Utilize your friend network or something like Infostretch’s Mobile Private Cloud
10. Monitor and experiment with description and GUI, ensure there are no bugs.

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Gaurav Vakharia

September 21, 2010 at 6:37 am

I like the way you put reviews at regular interval as continuous feedback would help to understand market better.

You would love to look at this post as well –


January 5, 2011 at 2:54 am

A very commonly used practice to generate an artificial demand, most of the new services use an invite-only practice. This makes the users wait for an invite in their mailboxes and encourage them to invite other friends. Google did the same with Gmail, Wave, etc., and look at the hype that got created just for an invite

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