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Serious About QE? Why You’ll Need Selenium

Selenium is a suite of open source tools that automates browsers across many platforms. If you’re involved in test automation, you may already be familiar with its range of solutions. Selenium is synonymous with hassle-free cross-browser testing, but there’s a lot more to it, as mobile and digital developers are discovering. The basics Selenium comprises two main...

The Top 10 Ways QE Helps You Release Software Faster

The pressure is on for digital initiatives to deliver more within shorter cycles. Software pros need a helping hand with today’s unprecedented challenge of creating awesome customer experiences...

QE: How to Align People, Processes and Tools

What is Quality Engineering, or QE? To some, QE sounds a lot like QA. In fact, it is loosely related to QA, but it’s also a whole lot more. If you’re considering how to make the transition from...