Using Selenium for Automated Testing

June 29, 2015

Testing web applications is essential to ensuring a flawless user experience.  With constant changes being made to applications and websites, and the number of supported browsers always increasing, it’s essential to use QA testing tools to manage and test your web app. Selenium is one of the most important QA testing tools.  Put simply, Selenium [...]


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Mobile App Testing and Development in the UK

June 22, 2015

While testing and developing mobile apps is largely similar in the US and in the UK, due to comparable technologies and many apps that reach a global audience, there are some key aspects to keep in mind when thinking about the UK’s mobile apps. Apple Pay is set to launch in the UK in July, [...]


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Using Jenkins to Power Continuous Integration

June 16, 2015

We’ve heard a lot about the Jenkins tool lately – but what is it exactly?  Put simply, Jenkins is an application that monitors executions of repeated jobs.  This can include jobs such as building a mobile app or a software project.  Jenkins is especially useful for testing mobile apps that are built using the continuous [...]


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Mobile Testing is Crucial for Financial Services

June 8, 2015

It’s no secret that the use of mobile apps for banking and financial services has exploded in recent years.  With more people than ever before using mobile apps to manage their money – doing everything from banking and investments to making small payments to friends – it’s more important than ever to get these financial [...]


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The Internet: Then and Now

June 1, 2015

It has been a big week in tech. Not only did we have the Google I/O keynote yesterday (last week’s blog covered that in more detail), but also Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Partner Mary Meeker published her annual Internet Trends Report. For the past 20 years this has been an industry bible for the [...]


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Google I/O, WWDC and App Development

May 27, 2015

It is that time of the year again. With Microsoft having just hosted Build, its developer conference, it is now the turn of the other two heavyweights: Google and Apple to take to the stage. Being annual events, it is easy to make a few early predictions about what to expected, namely iOS9 and Android [...]


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Size Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to App Development

May 19, 2015

When are you app-ready? How big does your business need to be for an app to be appropriate? Well, as the world rapidly embraces the idea of being mobile first, apps are becoming increasingly important. Whether you’re contacting customers, managing employees or launching a new service, apps are increasingly vital – no matter how big [...]


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Developing an App for the 2020 General Election?

May 13, 2015

Here is a thought: With the UK General Election having just finished, could the next one in 2020 be the first to use a mobile app to allow people to vote? The polling station The current set up in the UK is much like it is in many other democratic countries. You can vote via [...]


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PPV Providers Knocked Out by Mayweather vs Pacquiao Streaming

May 4, 2015

Only one thing could be more disappointing than paying $100 dollars for the lacklustre fight that was billed as the “Fight of the Century”.  And that is, paying $100 for it and not being able to watch it. On Saturday night, pay-per-view customers across the board had problems, ranging from error messages to blank screens [...]


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Healthcare Apps and the Need for Security

May 4, 2015

One of the most exciting areas in tech right now promises to be “the most personal” ever. A key aspect of making wearable devices like the Apple Watch personal is through health and fitness apps. Few things are more personal than health and healthcare, meaning that privacy and security must come to the fore. Keeping [...]


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