Accelerating the Mobility of Things

Why Web Services Performance is Crucial

What are Web Services? Web services are the software components used to communicate across different platforms and exchange information, mainly in HTML or XML format. Web services also allow us to expose new functionality of existing code over the network and the Internet. Once it is exposed, any other application can access and use the functionality. Web services...


What Windows 95 Can Teach You About App Development

Twenty years ago, this happened. And everything changed. What this very dated video of Friends stars Mathew Perry and Jennifer Aniston shows is the now iconic Windows 95. With Apple grabbing...


Using Continuous Integration to Build More Secure Apps

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you are online. That being the case you can hardly have failed to see the news around the Ashley Madison hack. It may not seem on the surface to be...

Jenkins User Conference – Santa Clara, CA

Wednesday, September 2-3, 2015
@ The Santa Clara Convention Center – Table 19


Why Should You Use Continuous Integration?

What is Continuous Integration (CI)? Put simply, it is the process by which software engineers continuously update working copies of code to a shared location several times a day. The benefits of...


Using the Agile Methodology for the Internet of Things

Until recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) was just an idea that a lot of people in the tech world talked about, but that the everyday person didn’t know or care much about. It really...


Choosing the Right Automation Framework

When it comes to testing apps, a significant amount of time and resources needs to be devoted to the process in order to make sure that everything works perfectly once the app goes live. Every...


QA Testing for the Internet of Things

According to Gartner, the number of connected things included in the Internet of Things (IoT) will grow to 25 billion units and will generate $263 billion in revenue by 2020. With so much...


Mobile App Testing in Cloud Environments

Cloud computing and storage have quickly become two of the most important tools available for mobile app developers. Cloud platforms allow developers to build websites and apps ranging from the...

App Secure

Mobile App Security – What Are You Missing?

In today’s ever more connected world, people are increasingly turning to the apps they have on their smartphones just to get though the day. What was once just a way to play the newest game or...


Agile Development – Hot New Buzzword, or the Real Deal?

The term “agile” is used in software development to describe methodologies for incremental software development.  Agile development is different from traditional project management because more...


Using Selenium for Automated Testing

Testing web applications is essential to ensuring a flawless user experience.  With constant changes being made to applications and websites, and the number of supported browsers always increasing,...